Location - Near Train Station/Metro in Milan

Hotel Michelangelo Milan - Location - hotel near train station in Milan

At Piazza Luigi di Savoia n.6, just down the block from the gorgeous central rail station, Hotel Michelangelo Milan is one of the most convenient 4 star hotels in the city. Business traveler's won't need to worry about navigating the city just to reach their hotel as our hotel is near thhe metro in Milan, and tourists have a perfect jumping off point.

Hotel Michelangelo Milan - Location hotel near metro in Milan

Milan's world class shopping, world famous artwork and world renowned architecture are all just a few stops away by metro or bus. Take a look at the map above for a pinpoint ID of our location in the city center and our immediate surroundings.

Hotel Michelangelo Milan - Cathedral

Getting around Milan is easy as can be. In fact, just take hop on the MM1 subway line from nearby central station and you can find yourself at some of Italy’s most acclaimed attractions.


The Duomo: Exit at Duomo Station for Milan’s most famous cathedral. Construction on this marble masterpiece began in 1386. Tip: Get there before 5 PM and head up to the roof for a breathtaking view.

Santa Maria delle Grazie: Exit at Cardona for this church which houses Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Tickets are best bought months ahead, but savvy travelers know to arrive early because canceled reservations are sold daily, starting at 8:15 AM.

La Scala Theater: Exit Duomo Station to see what might be the world’s most famous opera house. Opened in 1798 and remodeled in the last decade, La Scala was home to luminaries like Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini.

Meazza Stadium: Exit at Lotto Station during football (that’s soccer for you Americans) season and catch a match between the excellent AC Milan or FC Internazionale and a rival club from Italy’s Serie A.


And that’s all off just one line at the nearby central train station/metro in Milan. Hotel Michelangelo Milan will put you where you need to be for an unforgettable stay. But the first stop to the Duomo or La Scala is only a click away at our convenient Online Reservation Center.